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The following are testimonials from some of Theresa’s clients:


My wife Sharon and I are delighted with everything you have done for us! You reviewed Sharon’s needs. She is comfortable with her current plan after talking to you. This was my initiation to the Medicare process. (Yikes!) You took your time with me, answered all of by questions, explained everything to me. I understand what I have, how it works and why I have it. You are patient, professional, pleasant and kind.

We feel very confident with our choices thanks to you. We will recommend you without hesitation.

Thank you so much and God Bless you!

Sharon and Mike P.
Ilion, NY May 2021

Hello Theresa 🙂
I have fantastic news to report! We did a 3 way call with Medicare, like you suggested, and I was able to help my consumer get Part A dis-enrolled. The Medicare representative said she couldn’t understand why it was still showing up for him because when you are on disability you usually can only have Medicare for 2 years and his accident and his eligibility date were September of 2016. 🙂 So he is super happy because after some paper work and phone calls to NYSOH on my end, as of this morning he now has an eligibility with NYSOH to be able to pick a managed care plan. So he is all set!

Thank you so much for all your time and wisdom! I really Appreciate it very much and so does Mark. Have a wonderful day and rest of your week!

Katie Oswego County Opportunities (O.C.O.)
Oswego, NY March 2021

Hi Theresa! I was just thinking of you on my drive into work today…and planned to email you. I wanted to let  you know I was thinking of you, hoping you survived Open Enrollment  and wish you a happy, healthy, safe New Year.

We send many referrals each month to you and we plan to continue doing so, as we know our consumers are in good hands with you. I had a gentleman that I referred to you about a year ago and I recently spoke with him and he raved about you! I told him you are  a very special, knowledgeable woman!! Happy Holidays.

Christen A. OCO Senior Navigator
Oswego, NY December 2020

Dear Theresa,
I’d just like to thank you for all your help setting me up with my Medicare plans. As you’ve found, the programs out there can be daunting and slightly confusing.  Your organization of benefits was so helpful and your eagerness to answer all questions was quite appreciated. I assure you, I never would have been comfortable doing this without your help. Please feel free to use my thank you to your benefit. You’ve earned it.  Kindest Regards,

Kerry A.
Tully, NY December 2020

Theresa really knows her stuff! She cuts to the chase and makes something that can be so difficult EASY. You will not ever regret taking the time to call and use Theresa’s services!

Jennifer A.
Syracuse, NY April 2020

I highly recommend working with Theresa to help you get the Medicare Advantage plan that is right for you. She will not only help you sign up for a plan, but more importantly she takes a lot of time making sure that you understand what you are doing. She not only explains the different Advantage and other plans available to you, but she also explains the different parts of Medicare. She helps you with your decision-making process. My point is, she doesn’t just tell you what you should do, she educates you so that you understand what you are doing. I thought I understood my choices before I talked to her, but now I know that I had heard bad information from a lot of different places and had I made my decision on my own I would have picked a plan that was not what I needed. You should listen to her, and you can trust her.

Joanna H.
Syracuse, NY April 2020

Great Theresa!

Richard is my chiropractor and a great guy!!!  I have at least two more friends who will be contacting you in 2020 before turning 65.   Thanks again for all your help. You made it so simple and easy to understand/choose;  and glad I’m all set already for 2020!

Howard S.
Fulton, NY December 2019

Thanks, Theresa!  I got my card from Excellus as well as a welcome letter and plan information.

So, I think all went well. Thanks so much. I really could not have done this without you.

I don’t see how anyone COULD.

Gina O.
Syracuse, NY July 2019

I recently worked with Theresa Cangemi and would highly recommend her to help make sense of Medicare and the various options for getting additional coverage. Theresa is very knowledgeable and explains things in a way that is clear and understandable, and she’s very patient and thorough in addressing your questions. After making sure you have a good general understanding of Medicare and the various types of additional coverage available, Theresa spends as much time as needed  looking into one’s particular needs and the alternatives available, in a way that helps you figure out together what would be most suitable for you, including the costs, benefits and trade-offs.  Because of a misunderstanding I had about time frames for enrollment, I had a particularly tight window in which to figure out my supplemental Medicare plans and get signed up in time before my private insurance coverage would be ending. Theresa went well above and beyond to be able to schedule 2 subsequent meetings with me – one later the same day as our first appointment and one the next day, so I could get clear and feel confident that I was choosing the right supplemental plan for me, and get my application in with time to spare before my original Medicare coverage was to begin just a week and a half later. Theresa also assured me that if I hadn’t gotten the insurance numbers sent to me that I needed in time for an upcoming medical appointment the week after I started my Medicare Advantage plan, that I could contact her and she would get them for me.  I couldn’t have been happier working with Theresa. Not only was she incredibly helpful to me in figuring out and choosing a plan I feel confident is right for me given my current needs, but her added customer service during and after she helped me get signed up was amazing, and a sign of her dedication to her clients – new and old.

Susie W.
Syracuse, NY June 2019

Hi Theresa!   Thank you again for your presentation on Monday.  Often in a small company, it’s difficult to find quality resources for our employees, however your knowledge and experience and willingness to meet and provide answers to our Medicare questions was exceptional.  I have received numerous comments of appreciation for your straightforward approach to a topic that seems daunting!  What a wonderful service you provide to guide and assist in the Medicare maze!  We look forward to working with you!  Best regards,

Sherrie Woods, Central New York Feeds, Inc
Warners, NY June 2019

Theresa:  Just wanted to drop you a quick line to once again thank you for all your time, consideration, and help yesterday.  You made what could have been a confusing decision extremely easy. And….the plan I chose not only has a $0 premium but gives me extra benefits which will afford me savings beyond what I expected!!!    I look forward to our future dealings with any questions I may encounter.  


Howard S.
Fulton, NY June 2019

I have been working with Theresa Cangemi to develop my health care plan for retirement. Theresa, “The Medicare Lady™”, is a Medicare specialist, independent agent, and consultant and the owner of Medicare Made Simple.  My company provides her Medicare services to our employees planning for retirement. Speaking from experience, Theresa is a fantastic person to work with and a valuable resource for helping people navigate this very complicated turf.

Bob D.
Cicero, NY May 2019

Hi Theresa,  Thanks for the EPIC handout you gave me a copy of, from this afternoon’s lunchtime presentation at Saab Sensis. You covered a LOT of ground and I’m still digesting it all.  It was very informative.  I’ve still got a few years to go, but planning now is a good idea.  Thanks,

Chris Annal, Saab Sensis Corporation
East Syracuse, NY March 2019

It is an honor to thank Theresa for everything she does for so many. Theresa not only met with me over a year before we were of age, she did this willingly and helped me to understand the process and eased my fears. Theresa is very helpful, caring, and knowledgeable. She made the whole process seamless. I continue to enjoy her wonderful informative newsletters, which give us knowledge on many topics. My husband continues to refer so many of his co workers with her contact information and ALL of them have been extremely happy. So many of them didn’t know what their options were and with Theresa’s guidance they are pleased and thanked my husband again and again. Theresa is my go to person!!!! She will continue to guide us in the future. I can’t thank you enough Theresa.

John (Cliff) and Deborah B.
Liverpool, NY January 2019

Hi Theresa,

We would like to thank you again for everything you did to help us sign up for our medicare healthcare plans.  We especially appreciated the time you took to carefully explain how medicare works, the types of plans available, their advantages/disadvantages, etc.  Your personal approach helped reassure us that we have a plan that will work well as we enter this new phase of our lives.  Wishing you Happy Holidays!

Jane and Bud C
Skaneateles, NY December 2018


You are welcome….you do a great job helping people …I am happy to refer people to you.

Dwell in Peace

Stephanie Rauscher, RPTA/ATP
Armory C /Hatfield Day Hab
Utica, NY June 2018

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for meeting with my wife and I regarding our Medicare options. You were organized, knowledgeable,  and professional in explaining the many plans available to us. With your assistance we were able to choose the plan that best meets our needs . I would be happy to recommend you to anyone interested in learning about the Medicare enrollment process.   Thanks again!

Gary M.
Syracuse, NY        June 2018

Good Morning Theresa,

Your newsletter contained a wealth of information.  Thank you for sending.

Joan Havernick, Staff Leasing
Syracuse, NY            February 2018

Dear Theresa,
I want to express my deepest and sincere appreciation for your Professionalism and Expert Advice given to me over these past two years in regards to my Medicare plan.
The hard work you have done for me in researching the best Medical Coverage and Plan that works best for my needs has been outstanding!
You have shown a dedication unmatched by any other Representatives in your field but most of all, Theresa, You have done it all with Patience and Professionalism!
Making what seemed so complicated to me, ending up being very simple.
Thus, the term truly applies, “Medicare Made Simple” because of YOU!
I wish you all the success in the New Year, 2018!     All the Best!

Roger W.
Seneca Falls, NY         January 2018


Your time and effort in helping me select my Medicare enrollment plan is greatly appreciated.  Potential clients will be fortunate to discuss these matters with somebody like you who is knowledgeable, professional and has the ability to make the client feel comfortable and confident.  I plan to recommend your services to my former company, co-workers, friends and family.  Nearly six months back, my company was smart enough to invite you to give a group presentation about Medicare and I would highly recommend that corporate HR people consider inviting you to speak. Thank you,

William M.
Tully, NY          September 2017

Hi Theresa,

You helped us navigate the complicated world of Medicare when we retired.  We’re glad to recommend you to our friends.  Warm regards,

Jeanette N.
Syracuse, NY         May 2017

Hi Theresa

You were most helpful, and made navigating the plans quite simple.  We appreciate your help.  Thanks again for all your help.  I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

Phyllis H.
Baldwinsville, NY       February 2017

Hi Theresa,

I just learned I have been approved. I want to thank you for all your time and patience while explaining the different Medicare plans.  I feel you did all you could to make sure I was placed in the right plan. Thank you again for all your help.

Donna W.
North Syracuse, NY      January 2017

Hi Theresa,

What a pleasure to meet you!  Thank you for your assistance helping me to make my Medicare choices for 2017 & being so patient in all the details & explanations.

Betsy C.
Vice President & CFO
Endicott, NY       January 2017

Hi Theresa,

Thank you for the information and your very professional representation.

I always judge business people, vendors, and sales representatives, etc. by their courtesy, product knowledge, personality, honestly, and all the skills and traits that it takes to be successful in their field and how it translates to the customer.

You have it all and I am most appreciative of your help and guidance in selecting the health plans for Linda and myself.

We wish you a most enjoyable Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Best always,

John L., General Manager
Coastel Cable Tools, Inc.
Syracuse, NY        December  2016

Dear Theresa, Thank you for your time and energy with me regarding the many options available through Medicare.  It’s not my favorite topic of the day, however I do value your expertise and most of all your patience. Sincerely,

Teri N.
Syracuse, NY     August 2016

Hello Theresa,  I hope you are doing well and enjoying your summer.  I have referred you to several people in my building and they have all had very positive outcomes from working with you.  I thought it may be of benefit to the tenants here at Ross Towers if you could come in and just give them some information about what you do.  It wouldn’t have to be anything to big, even if you just wanted to set up a table with your information and answer a few questions.  Thanks for your time and for all the good work you do!

Christine L., PSC
Professional Service Coordinator
R.I.S.E. Program – Ross Towers
Syracuse, NY       August  2016

Theresa presented “Medicare Demystified” to our clients on the evening of the 19th in our large conference room.  The first word to come to mind is WOW!  Our clients were taking pages of notes and totally immersed in Theresa’s presentation that they didn’t notice that it was running ½ hour over the scheduled time.  Theresa’s thorough yet concise explanations of the many nuances of Medicare helped all our clients understand it much better.  She also answered specific individual questions of our clients as she went along.  I would highly recommend Theresa speak to your group or organization on this important topic.

Blue Ocean Strategic Capital, LLC
Syracuse, NY,     May 2016


Thank you for your help and patience today.  We learned a lot and appreciate your time.  Now, we will move on to the Medicare generation!   Regards,

Frank & Karen Ann  R.
LaFayette, NY                      April  2016

Greetings Theresa,

I’m thanking you for finding a way to help people navigate the complexities of Medicare without any cost to themselves.

When I started my quest to “understand” Medicare it was in the hope that I might find one plan that would fit everyone’s needs. The more research one does into Medicare plans, the more it becomes obvious that finding “one plan for all” is not only impossible, but that even finding the right plan for one individual is a daunting task. Many retired teachers continue to ask their union reps for any insights they might have regarding the various aspects of retirement, including Medicare. It’s a great help when we can give them some general information so they at least have a grasp of the vocabulary, and then we can point them in the direction of an expert like yourself to get the professional help they need.  Thanks for all you do!

Lynn D.
retired union officer
West Genesee Teachers’ Association
Liverpool, NY         March 2016

Theresa, Thank you for speaking at our client appreciation luncheon today.  Your talk was very informative and I feel our clients received a great deal of very useful information.  It was also great seeing them approach you after for their individual questions.

John, Marie, Sue, Margaret  /  Safe Harbor Wills and Trusts
Liverpool, NY          December 2015

Hi Theresa,

I’d like to thank you again for the presentation you provided for Maggie and I on Medicare. You were very informative.

When you turn 65 you have no idea what your options are.  It’s like walking into a dark room, and you turned the light on for us.

I have already referred Mike in our Marcellus Quarry to you, and will tell everyone I know who could use your services.  Thanks,

Andy L. 
Saunders Concrete
Syracuse, NY         December  2015

Theresa;  Thanks for taking the time to speak with me today.

I really appreciated it as you gave me everything I needed to get the process going both with Medicare and OBG (group) medical planning.

You really did simplify what appeared to me to be a complex timing situation.

I’m looking forward to working with you.

Thanks again,

Gary C.
O’Brien & Gere
Syracuse, NY          October 2015

Dear Theresa, Thank you for all you did to help Art and I in the decision making of health insurance. We wanted to send you something you can use on your web site:

We met with Theresa Cangemi in October 2015 and her friendly polite manner stood out immediately. Because of her extensive professionalism in this field we were able to make informed decisions for our future health care needs. She also came prepared with resources needed in this complex situation of Medicare and Medicaid. Theresa is dedicated to making sure the plan we chose fit our specific needs not only health wise but financially as well. We were given the time we needed to ask questions and she made sure we understood the answers. Lastly, Theresa phoned our physicians to make sure each one accepted the policy we chose. We are very pleased and grateful.

Nancy & Art  K.
Chadwicks, NY            October 2015

Theresa, thanks for an excellent program (seminar) last evening, it gave enough info to stop being overwhelmed and start doing deeper research.  I am sending a A+++ evaluation to B.O.C.E.S. about you.

Leslie M.  /  PATHFINDERS CTS, Inc.
Syracuse, NY              October 2015

Theresa, I wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are.  We have received the Supplemental and Prescription ID cards and all appropriate pamphlets and paperwork. It took about 2 weeks.    The _insurance company_  is prompt!  Thank you, again, for your help.

Hugh G.
East Syracuse, NY        July 2015

Theresa.  Thank you so much for coming today!  I’ve never seen an audience stay so interested throughout.  Your presentation was excellent!  I knew Medicare was complicated but I had no idea just how complicated.  I’m amazed at how well you were able to explain everything and can’t thank you enough for doing it.  Sincerely,

Claire E.   /  Manlius Library
Manlius, NY          February 2015

Thank you, Theresa!  We have a rather unique situation with a 19 year old disabled daughter who is about to go on Medicare.  Because of the uniqueness of the situation, we had a very hard time on websites and the phone trying to get questions answered.  Our advocate at Exceptional Family Resources (EFR) finally was able to give us your phone number (not knowing if it would help us) and, after about 10 minutes on the phone with you, we had our questions answered.  We’ll be contacting EFR to let them know how happy we are that they gave us your phone number.  Thank you.

Bill and Lori D.
East Syracuse, NY     February 2015

Dear Ms. Cangemi,    I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the help you gave me in sorting through the many options available for medical insurance coverage for a senior citizen, especially on such short notice.  You answered all my questions as together we searched out the best possible options for the type of coverage I might need.  You took into consideration my need to travel, the geographic area of my primary residence, and my economic status.  In the end, I was only able to purchase a small policy from you, yet you served my needs without regard for personal gain.

I would recommend ” The Medicare Lady™- Theresa Cangemi” without reservation to any senior citizen in need of a medical insurance policy. Sincerely,

Mike S.
Savannah, NY       December 2014

I have consulted with Theresa for my insurance needs and questions for the last three years. She’s very professional, knowledgeable, and thorough in explaining the different options. I arranged for my wife to meet with her last Tuesday because she had concerns and questions; and she was very please as well.  I have recommended Theresa to friends and highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their Medicare insurance needs.

Jim C.
Phoenix, NY           July 2014

Email Subject line:    THANK YOU – – –  for referral

Great to know that, Theresa.  Your knowledge of what’s out there and ability to share with folks makes it easy to share your contact information.

Cindy  D.   /   Christopher Community
Mattydale, NY                    May 2014

I have worked with other representatives in the past choosing a Medicare plan yet Theresa took the time to make sure that I had all of the information I needed to make an informed decision and ensure I fully understood what my options were.  She helped me make sure that the plan I chose was the correct one for what my needs were rather than trying to push me into a plan that may have been better for her, as the other representatives I had spoken with were trying to do.  She represents a wide range of companies so you have various options available so you can select the plan that is the correct one for your needs.  She is very nice to work with and I also enlisted her help selecting a plan for my wife.

Patrick V.
Hastings, NY       April 2014

Working with Theresa was an informative and simple way to determine what my Medicare options were. Her knowledge of her services (information) was impressive and made my decision as to which service (plan) was right for me, extremely easy.  Her manner of doing business was very relaxing and at no time did I feel pressured into purchasing any service.  I would highly recommend Theresa to anyone who needed her service.

Norman M., Jr.
Cazenovia, NY         March 2014

Selecting a Medicare plan can be very confusing and stressful.  There are several providers who are good at promoting what they want to sell you, but doing a proper comparison takes a professional like Theresa.  We were so pleased with her help that I have given her business cards to friends and my financial planner.

Robert B.
Freeville, NY      March 2014

Theresa provides information and support in the complex task of selecting the proper Medicare plan that is appropriate and cost effective for each individual client. There are several traps in the process, such as selecting prescription coverage that can penalize an individual for the rest of their life.  Theresa can supply the attention, information, and technical support that enable each of us to avoid these traps and surprises.  She is truly a helpful and caring person to anyone who wants to make the correct choices in the difficult health insurance selection process.

Paul K.
Syracuse, NY         March 2014

Recently I had the wonderful experience of meeting with Theresa Cangemi concerning Medicare and supplemental health insurance and found her knowledge and expertise to be very helpful in selecting the plan that best suited my lifestyle.  I would highly recommend Theresa to anyone who is looking for a thorough explanation of all the benefits and how to compare costs and benefits.  Additionally, she did all the paperwork and handled my affairs in a very professional and confidential manner.  Theresa Cangemi should be everyone’s go-to person for Medicare and supplemental health care questions and answers.

Camillus, NY           March 2014

Theresa did a wonderful job explaining my Medicare options.  She was thorough, patient, and was easy to understand.  I was able to ask all the questions I needed to and did not feel rushed.  Several friends are turning 65 this year and I have suggested they contact Theresa.  After sitting through presentations from other insurance representatives, Theresa’s was by far the best.

Sheila G.
Syracuse, NY          March 2014

Theresa Cangemi helped me decipher the features and benefits of Medicare plans with my specific needs and wants and pricing parameters. Theresa was comprehensive in her approach but was able to reduce all of the variables to a decision, executed precisely and perfectly for my needs.

It was a pleasure dealing with Theresa as she was punctual, an effective listener and helpful. I am so grateful for her expertise and recommend her without reservation when turning 65 and faced with Medicare decisions.

Barbara  M.
Cicero, NY            March 2014

Theresa Cangemi has been amazing to the Veteran community in Central New York.  I have worked in the public and private sector helping veterans over the last few years and I have continually leaned on Theresa for help and advice.  The veterans that I have sent to her have all been happy with her service and advice.

Earl F., Operations Manager
Clear Path for Veterans
Chittenango, NY           February 2014

Theresa is very informative and easy to understand.  She presents the information and options without pressure to choose one option or another.  She listens to concerns and questions before answering.

Carol S.
Fayetteville, NY      January 2014

I would like to write this recommendation for Theresa Cangemi and the service she provides to those exploring the complex world of Medicare options.

I speak from personal experience. Recently retired, I reached the end of a thirty year career as a Law Firm COO.  Nothing in my vast exposure of business experience adequately prepared me for the daunting task of selecting a comprehensive health plan that met my unique and complex care needs.  The Medicare reading materials were voluminous and often unclear. I desperately needed guidance- someone who could interpret the information overload !!!

I was referred to Theresa by former business associates. Within minutes of our first exchange, I knew my life was about to change !!!  Theresa “listened” while I explained my unique health care needs and the immediacy of seamless coverage. She explained the options fully in simple terms.  When I selected the plan , she helped me with the enrollment process. It was that simple!!!!

I commend her for her technical knowledge, her patience and dedication to see the process through to the very end. Truly can’t say enough about her and the service she provides.

Patricia S.
Liverpool, NY        August 2013

Dear Theresa,

Ed needs help and you are very kind and very  good at what you do so I am always glad to send someone to you.  Thanks for helping him.

Donna S.,  Founder and Sr. Advocate
ElderNetUtica, NY                   July 2013

Dear Theresa,

Thank you so much for meeting with us.  You were extremely helpful and knowledgeable about this tangle of healthcare & Medicare.  You are a great resource, and we enjoyed meeting you. You really know your stuff !!!      Have a great weekend.

Anne & Marvin
Fayetteville, NY          June 2013

Keep up the great work—I think you have a needed service that helps remove confusion for people!

T.A.Smith, Creator/CEO
Camillus, NY                    June 2013

Hi Theresa,

Thank you so much for meeting with Jim and I last week.  The information you gave us was invaluable.  We finally feel like we have an understanding of our options.   Thank you too for the information you sent today regarding our son’s benefits.

Your assistance is invaluable and I would be happy to have more of your cards!  We’ve already spread the word about how helpful you were to us.

Sue and Jim B.  
Fayetteville, NY        April 2013

Hi Theresa,

Thank you so much for meeting with Jim and I last week.  The information you gave us was invaluable.  We finally feel like we have an understanding of our options.   Thank you too for the information you sent today regarding our son’s benefits.

Your assistance is invaluable and I would be happy to have more of your cards!  We’ve already spread the word about how helpful you were to us.

Sue and Jim B.  
Fayetteville, NY        April 2013

Thank you Eric (CNY publication) for your interest and for scheduling the interview with Theresa.  The work she does to assist our aging population is nothing short of remarkable.  I know first-hand as Theresa has assisted my parents in fully understanding their Medicare options, and provided the answers to their many, many questions.  She provided me with much peace of mind so that I could continue to focus on the growth of my business and my family.  Just my two cents worth.

Susan B.
Lighthouse Marketing 
Syracuse, NY        April 2013

Recently we met with Theresa Cangemi of Medicare Made Simple to review and discuss Medicare options that my husband will be involved with this year.  Theresa was very thorough and professional with her approach to a very complicated subject – Medicare.  She made things easy to understand.

There are many people considering Medicare options and we have already recommended several friends, relatives, and family members to her and her capabilities.

Theresa has an excellent understanding of this subject matter and she will go a long way towards helping Central New Yorkers navigate the Medicare system.  We are glad to know someone with the expertise to assist us in making the best choice possible for medical coverage as we approach our senior years.  Good luck!

Sarah P. & Mark S.
Plus Sign & Graphics
Syracuse, NY          January 2013