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Theresa Cangemi, CSA, CLTC

Medicare Specialist and
Independent Agent
Owner of  
"Medicare Made Simple, LLC™"

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Medicare Advantage
Medicare Supplements
Prescription Drug plans

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Other offerings

Life Insurance
Long Term Care (CLTC)
Fixed Annuities
Final Expense (Burial) Insurance
Dental insurance
Travel Insurance Coverage

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Celebrating 14 years

as a Medicare Specialist

October 2022

Theresa Cangemi: Medicare Specialist, Independent Agent, and Consultant


Do you think Medicare is confusing?
You are not alone!

Making the right choices and processing your Medicare enrollment doesn’t have to be difficult. As an independent agent and consultant, I am here to help! We can meet in a comfortable location of your choice. My customers have confidence in me because they feel that working with me is a helpful, educational experience.

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June 5, 2019 – CenterStateCEO Ambassadors celebrated with Theresa Cangemi her 10 + years in business as a Medicare Specialist along with her business Medicare Made Simple, LLC ™